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Haircut Talk


Almost all Western women have very bad experiences when they go to the hairdressers in Japan.
One of the problems is that Japanese hairdressers tend to thin their hair too much. Japanese hair is very thick and can handle this kind of treatment.
Western hair is much thinner and softer and thinning never works and only make the hair look rather mangy.
If our customers want their hair to have a lighter feel, we layer the hair but we rarely thin the hair.

Hair Color Talk

Foreigners tend to have extremely bad experiences with Japanese hairdressers when they ask for highlights. They end up having their whole head bleached out.
This isn't necessarily due to communication breakdown but more to do with Japanese hairdressers not understanding Western hair. Japanese hairdressers
tend to panic and bleach your whole head away.
To start with, if you only want to go one or two tones lighter, there is no need to use bleach at all. Colouring agents can lift the colour sufficiently.
If you want lighter blonde highlights, we bleach by section and then add toner to stop the hair looking yellow or brassy.
Most Japanese hairdressers skip the whole toning process and often don't even know what toners are.
At Dude we select and import our own hair colours and toners.
Please come and see us before it is too late.


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