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Kaz Taira Profile

  taira image

Full Name :

Kazuo Tyra Hiramoto

Place of Birth :

Planet Dude

Category of Dude :

Conscious dude / almost ├╝ber dude

This Lifetime Occupation :

Hair Designer

Past Lifetime Occupation :


Next Lifetime Occupation :

Pet Psychic

Hair Condition :


Eye Colour :

Pantone #8b3626

Favorite Food :

Vegan Ramen & Non Vegan Ice Cream

Favorite Music :

Bed Time Electronica

Favorite Sports :

Beach Bumming
Purpose of Visit : Be Creative, Be Inspirational,
Teach Everyone How to Chill &
Reconnect with the Universe



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Email : dude-hair@nifty.com

Tel : 03-3468-9116
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