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Who's Dude

When I was thinking of naming my salon Dude, I asked some of my American, particularly Californian, customers how they would define Dude. They said that Dudes are definitely not clean and neat looking and they tend to be quite grungy. They are slow but they are never losers. They always know how to chill. Some said that Dudes are the ultimate surfers, they just hang and wait for the best wave and then they seize the moment.
So I came to the conclusion that Dude was the perfect name for my salon. We have a slow, non-aggressive style and philosophy which we believe is essential in this accelerated turbo capitalism society. We are all Dudes ourselves and thereby naturally provide a very relaxing atmosphere and service to our customers.
The most difficult part is trying to explain what Dude means to my Japanese customers. Mostly they don't get it. Then I tell them that Johnny Depp is a Dude but Tom Cruise isn't. Then they get it!

We'd like to thank everyone who recommended Dude to their friends & all the bloggers, Facebookers and Tweeters who
mentioned us. Thanks to all of you we keep meeting nice new
customers all the time!!

[Our Company Motto]
Service may very according to our mood and your attitude!!

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